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Bar Harbor Brass Week 2015: the 15th annual...the Finale

Bar Harbor Brass Week will hold its 15th and final camp in June 2015.  This was a mutual decision between the Bar Harbor Brass Week directors and the parents of Mark Horner.  Below are thoughts about Brass Week from Mark Horner's parents, Bill Horner and Carol Woolman.  

Each year I have many feelings that rise as Brass Week approaches.  I miss Mark and I wish he were coming home.  I want to be cheerful and welcoming to both faculty and students, but I wonder where I will find the energy to put aside my grief.  The first concert during Brass Week is the faculty recital and it is at this concert that I fall in love with each and every participant and their beautiful music.  I find myself restored and delighted.  I love the faculty reception at our home where more music often spontaneously erupts.  For many years I have taught “Relaxation and Stress Management.”  This is my favorite contact with students both as a group and one-to-one.  I am so pleased that Brass Week has launched so many fine musicians—some who have gone on to become professionals.  Our faculty is peerless and I am always so proud to be among them and thrilled by their virtuosity and warm personalities.            --Carol

Little did we realize some 15 years ago that Bar Harbor Brass Week would impact almost 400 high school and college music students through our mission of presenting educational possibilities and encouraging performance excellence.  For this we have many to thank: Mark's circle of friends who helped us through those first painful years, a profoundly inspiring professional faculty who understood fully the idea and returned faithfully year after year, and you our donors who have shared your love and treasure with us these many years.  The decision to "retire" Brass Week did not come easily or without second thoughts.  In many ways, however, Brass Week has fulfilled its mission and we want to "go out at the top of our game".  So, please look forward to June of 2015 as a huge celebration and mark your calendars for 2016 when a special Bar Harbor Brass Faculty and Alumni concert will mark the co-centennial of Acadia National Park and the National Park Service.  And, again, thank you so very much for your loyal support these past 15 years.                      --Bill